Are you a new puppy owner wanting to get everything right from the start?
We absolutely love it when people get in touch before their puppy arrives as we can help you from the get-go.
You’ll be in a better position to know what to expect and we find those that have these appointments are more prepared and less overwhelmed.

Whether you are preparing for, or already have your puppy you can get the support you need. In your one to one puppy coaching session we cover:

Your puppies first night, sleeping, toilet training, preventing separation issues, how to set up your home and puppy proof items and the garden, puppy socialisation and more. These sessions are tailored to you and your puppy. These are just a few of the topics we can help you with. You’ll have a chance to ask any questions you might have.

Are you looking for fantastic puppy classes? Enjoy learning the skills in understanding your puppy, practical training and prevention of unwanted behaviours in our classes. Classes are kept small to a maximum of 6 so early booking is advised.
Contact us to book your space.


Life Skills


Is your dog pulling you when you would rather enjoy nice walks together?
Does your dog frustrate and worry you when he doesn't come back off lead?
Would you like your dog to drop his ball, leave dangerous items, be able to settle on a mat when you are out or at home?

You will learn, how your dog learns and the most effective way to teach them basic behaviour’s, including listening to you while building a great relationship together and learning how to provide the things your dog needs. Contact us to book in for your foundation class.


Life Skills


A small class for owners of puppies or dogs who have completed the dog training life skills foundation – puppy and adult dog course (or have been assessed as ready for this class)

Maximum of 6 dogs. All classes are run under the Association of Pet Dog Trainers ethos, “Kind, fair and effective”. This course progresses the skills learned in the foundation course by increasing distractions and duration. It includes:

Stop cue • Retrieve to hand • More connection • Drop in the real world • Recall from food or toys • Progressing lead walking • Steadiness and self-control

Life Skills

Advanced course.

Topics on this course will be tailored to the class’ requirements, and special attention will be given to ensuring you can get your dog’s attention when there are distractions present. We will teach exercises such as:

An emergency stop Send to a bed or mat Self-control exercises
Loose lead walking with real-life challenges Walking in the “heel” position with no lead Proofing your dog’s “sit” and, or “down” position
Recalling your dog past and away from distractions

We allow a maximum of 6 dogs per class.




Canine Hoopers is ideal for puppies, older dogs and large breeds who need a low impact activity.

Canine Hoopers was started in America and provides low impact courses using a plastic frame that has a hoop for the dogs to run through. Barrels are used to provide a change in direction for the dogs.

Tunnels are also used but these are shorter and bigger than those used for agility and are always kept straight. The courses comprise a TANGO mat – Touch and go which the dogs learn to run on.

All dogs must be friendly with people and dogs and have a good level of obedience and able to work under distractions.

What you will learn:

Basic flat work exercises to help with your Hoopers training Introduction to the hoops Introduction to the barrel Introduction to the tunnel Introduction to the TANGO mat Progression on to simple courses Distance handling

After you have completed your first 6 weeks, you will be able to continue on with training to progress your handling skills with your dog.




This training workshop is a great introduction to teach your dog to find cheese or a toy by using its nose. It is common belief that dogs need to be walked for hours every day to tire them out – especially the more active breeds.

Whilst physical exercise is important to keep a dog fit and healthy, sometimes it is not appropriate to walk a dog for many reasons: injury, a bitch may be in season, you may be injured or unwell a dog may need a decompression day if they have been over-aroused or have had a negative experience.

It is equally as important to ensure your dog exercises its brain as well as it’s body. This can be done through scent training.

Scent training is a really great way to mentally stimulate your dog. Ten minutes of scent work is equivalent to a walk for 1 hour. It is an ideal way to work your dog’s brain. All breeds of dog are capable of doing scent work.

All dogs must be friendly with dogs and people
What you will learn
The find Cue Basic scent patterns How to find a toy or cheese How to work more independently from handler

We will then progress the training, teaching you how to teach your dog to learn to use their nose to find either a toy or cheese that is hidden in our training centre. This exercise can be transferred to many different locations in your home.

On completion of this workshop, you may wish to join our Scent Training classes which take scent training to a different level. The dogs learn to find Cloves, Gun oil or Truffle.

Based on real search dog training techniques which can take you and your dog onto competitions with NNA, Scentwork UK or our fun scenario days.




This course is for anyone who wants to improve their recall and connection with their dog.

It can feel frustrating and worrying when your dog does not come when called. You may have already tried training your dog but you are still struggling. In this workshop you will learn how to teach your dog to come when called through fun training games and techniques.

We will cover:
Using a whistle
Connection games
Recall at a distance
Teaching a check-in
Recall away from a distraction

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The Good Companion Awards (GCA) comprise awards at four different levels that can be achieved by pet dog guardians together with their dogs.

Designed to be non-competitive, guardians and their dogs work together as a partnership to reach set criteria in various life skills.

These life skills help to enable dogs to become well-mannered members of society; they are open to all breeds and types of dogs, no matter their age.

Guardians are assessed on their dog training skills as well as their understanding of training principles and knowledge of dog welfare, wellbeing and all-round good companionship.

Taking part in the GCA provides an opportunity to understand and learn more about your dog and build your bond, to become companions for life.

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