Meet the


Meet Lisa

Lisa Bown IMDT APDT(01555) ABTC-ATI

I’m Lisa and the founder of K9 Coaching-Evesham dog training services, until Julie joined me as co-owner last year it was just a hobby.

Animals have always played a huge part of my life. 

Having taken my dogs to a local club and being asked to take classes, it was time to learn more… after all if you’re going to teach you need to be up to speed with all the latest scientifically proven methods!

So, I took courses with IMDT and threw myself into learning everything I could. After passing my assessment I went on and did further qualifications with Association of Pet Dog Trainers APDT. 

I am now a CHWI (hoopers Instructor) and an ORT Assessor for the NNA…You are never to old to learn new things. 

I have been part of a successful Obreedience team and qualified to compete at Crufts 2021 and 2022

I’ve had success in many sports including Rally Obedience, Scent training, Gundog Tests, Obedience.

I hold my Gun dog Certificate on both Dummies and Game.

I have taught KC Good Citizens Training at all levels and am a member of KCAI scheme.        

‘K9 Coaching Instructors will coach you to train your dog’ 

Meet Camilla

Julie Nickson IMDT

Julie worked in the probation services for many years, after her family grew up,  having dogs of different breeds throughout her life she decided to try Trick training and Heelwork to Music with her little dog Willow who is an Australian Labradoodle. She also teaches Clicker training workshops.

Julie qualified with IMDT as an Instructor in 2019. She went on to teach the KC Good Citizens Training at all levels.
Julie is co-owner of K9  coaching,  joining me last year and has been a popular Instructor.      

Described as ‘Funny, Knowledgeable and approachable’


Meet Heather

Heather Driscoll

The newest recruit of K9 coaching – Evesham Dog Training Services.

Heather will be doing her instructor training with us and will be a welcome addition to the classes.

Having dogs herself, she has experienced taking them through to the KC GCT scheme, the world of showing and Gun Dog Training.

Heather was in the curly coat retriever Team 2022.

Some of you will have already met Heather at class last week with her beautiful new puppy Iris, also a curly coat retriever.

We look forward to watching her progress.

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