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Enjoy training with our Qualified Team, Small Classes & Fantastic Indoor / Outdoor Facilities

Would you love your dog to listen to you?
Are you a new puppy parent wanting to get things right from the start?
You may be struggling with nipping, toilet training and how to socialise your puppy properly?
Our small puppy classes or one to one coaching can help you.
Older or adolescent dogs need help too.
Is your dog pulling you when you would rather enjoy nice walks together?

Does your dog frustrate and worry you when he doesn’t come back off lead?

Would you like your dog to drop his ball, leave dangerous items, be able to settle on a mat when you are out or at home?
Here at K9 Coaching we help you work through beginner to advanced life skills obedience, at your own pace and in small classes.
Or if you’d like to learn other fun dog training skills such as scentwork, low impact canine hoopers or Rally Obedience we have something for you!
At K9 Coaching Evesham there is something for everyone from classes, workshops or one to one coaching.

Puppy Classes or one to one coaching

Life Skills

Opportunity to work through the APDT awards


Low impact suitable for most dogs and handlers


Teach your dog how to be a sniffer dog!


Teach your dog to come when called

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5 Star Reviews
Camilla Cheney
Camilla Cheney
I started bringing my puppy at 13 weeks and it’s been a wonderful experience. It has helped Ada build confidence around other people and different sized dogs. After the initial 6 week course she has gained her good companion certificate and can sit and wait for a minute, has a great foundation for recall, can loose lead walk/walk to heel on and off lead, sit/lie/stand and so much more. Most importantly it has given us a really positive approach to training - it really doesn’t need to be a chore - and improved our bond no end. I can’t wait to see what she learns next and look forward to trying different dog sports with k9 Evesham when she’s old enough! Thank you Lisa, Julie and Heather.
Rebecca Atkins
Rebecca Atkins
I attended classes with Lisa with my young dog. It was a great way to socialise him in a safe and supportive environment. It was great for his confidence, and for building our bond. Most importantly, it was fun! Highly recommend.
Aimee Tanner
Aimee Tanner
Small groups are perfect for me and my senior dog Meg, she can get overwelmed in big classes. Keeping her active and having fun in a group of 6 is great for mixing with others in a controlled happy setting. Trainers have been fab giving advice one on one or group classes and ideas on what else we can try out without over doing it 😃
Dee Milbery
Dee Milbery
Me and Loki has been going to classes for 4 months. Loki loves it and is very excited every week. The trainers have been extremely helpful, and always willing to listen and help. Very much recommend the classes 👍
Deana Cornforth
Deana Cornforth
Lisa is a great dog trainer. Very good at explaining . Never boring and the dogs love it .
Kate Johnstone
Kate Johnstone
Highly recommend K9 coaching. The classes are excellent and Lisa has been so helpful with both my dogs.
Sam Goodall
Sam Goodall
I would highly recommend K9 coaching, the classes are small and in an ideal location having inside and outside facilities. Lisa and Julie have a lot of knowledge and are extremely helpful and patience with me and Blaze. We love our weekly classes.
Stacey Hancocks
Stacey Hancocks
Really enjoyed the training classes with my pup. I like that the classes are small so I feel less under pressure and get more time with the trainer. Everyone is made to feel welcome. Lisa and Julie are very patient and explain the steps to take to train each command with the dogs. Helga loves it! 🐾

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